Our tuition services are driven by three principles:

  • Care. Too often, teachers don’t recognise that maths is a subject that everyone eventually finds difficult. This can happen to any student; at any time. The maths learning space needs to be a gentle one, where students can learn and enjoy maths without the pressure of completing tasks within time limits or under pressure.
  • Mastery. Maths is a subject full of connections. If students can learn key principles fully and master them before “moving on”, then they will find the next connected bit of maths to be a simple incremental step beyond what they are already comfortable with. Students’ school experience of maths is too often a series of unconnected “topics” that can be answered by what are little more than a sequence of unexplained “tricks”.
  • Alignment of skills and assessment. Nonetheless, assessment comes to us all, whether that be GCSE, A-level, 11+, functional skills, Oxbridge entrance. The students that do best in assessments (the soft word for “exams”) are those who have been prepared, from the outset, on how they will be assessed at the end of their course. This includes a detailed understanding of specifications, exam questions, mark schemes and examiners’ reports.

We are experts in helping students achieve maths qualifications through the understanding (and enjoyment) of maths. We are experts at the use of digital platforms to aid maths learning and in the delivery of online teaching and coaching. We are experts in helping students who have learning difficulties and behavioural difficulties.

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